Alley About

Alley is a site directory created on Neocities for Neocities, aimed to make finding sites relevant to your interests easier. We sort sites into different categories, which sum up either the topic of the site or the interests of the person behind it.

Sites are listed alongside their buttons if they have any, and can be sorted into up to two districts! If they would fit in more than two, we choose based on what features most heavily on the site.

It's worth noting that we don't inherently condone or agree with the opinions displayed on any site listed, and do not take responsibility for the content of any site (besides our own). Downloads are at your own risk.

We also have no affiliation with Neocities itself.


The original 'alley' URL was found to be unused, which was surprising to be honest! It was made as a reaction to the Districts page on Neocities, but it has the same core concept, a curated Geocities neighborhoods inspired list of Neocities pages.

Alley's mascot is Dirt. He's a filthy nude white cat. He's fun.